Insomnia Program @ Avoka Health

The Insomnia Program at Avoka Health offers a specialised service for people experiencing insomnia.

We help people who have trouble getting to sleep, staying asleep, waking too early, or wake feeling unrefreshed and sleepy during the day.


A Mindful Way to Healthy Sleep is an online self-paced program, developed by Dr Giselle Withers, Clinical Psychologist. The program will teach you the gold standard sleep management strategies of cognitive behavioural therapy for insomnia (CBT-I) and skills in mindfulness to help you sleep better. A small independent study run by Monash University found this program helped over 75% of participants overcome insomnia.

The cost of the program is $297 and can be purchased at


A Mindful Way to Healthy Sleep - online course

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Avoka Health offers a Sleep Well, Live Well program, which includes:

  • Individual psychology sessions via Telehealth video call (Session cost: $265 or $127.95 with a valid GP referral*)
  • The online course: “A Mindful Way to Healthy Sleep” Purchased at ($297)

This combination of individual guidance and online learning is an effective and affordable way to improve your sleep, teaching you all the skills and strategies you need to overcome insomnia, with the convenience of undertaking the online program at your home and in your own time.

*A GP referral with a mental health treatment plan is required to access a Medicare rebate for your psychology appointments.

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Register for the SLEEP WELL, LIVE WELL program:

  1.  Please complete the contact form and select 'Insomnia Program' as your message subject.
  2. Following registration to the Insomnia Program you can book in individual Telehealth appointments using the Telehealth online calendar for 'existing clients'.
  3. You can begin the A Mindful Way to Healthy Sleep online program anytime. The course can be purchased at

Note: This program is solely focussed on sleep problems and is not a treatment for co-existing mental health problems, such as anxiety, depression, addiction, or trauma, etc. You may be referred for individual therapy if the Sleep Well, Live Well program is not suitable for you. In this case, you will only be charged for the initial assessment session.

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Online course

A six week online course to help you sleep better and overcome insomnia,
using the evidence-based, proven treatment approaches of CBTi and mindfulness.

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